Efficient Service for Online Stores

Delivery Solution

App for Your Couriers

Your courier downloads the OX Driver app and receives orders from your online store. A courier can visit multiple locations in one trip.

Don't have your own couriers?

Integration through our partners will provide access to over 500 vehicles that will deliver your products.

Delivery Tariff Management

Create free or paid tariffs that will work with both your own and outsourced couriers.

How Does the OX Driver Service Work?

Carefully thought-out and well-established processes

New Order


Notification to Driver in OX Driver

Acceptance and Tracking

Deal Closure

Successful Delivery

Fast and Timely Delivery

Features for Everyone's Convenience

Accelerated Processing

Product dispatch within 10 minutes

Flexible Tariffs

Create convenient payment formats

Lightning Operations

Your sales are at the top, and your products are favorites among buyers

Full Receipt Information

Address, recipient, route, notes, courier, and locations

Less Paperwork

Handle all documentation in your account

Online Tracking

Track movements in real-time

Ready Integrations

Connect courier services with ready drivers

Still have questions?

You can contact a manager using the online consultant or send an email