Opportunities for publishing news, articles, and blog posts

Ready-made templates for posting

You no longer need to adjust the text using markup language - choose the type of post at the start. It can be news, instructions, promotions, or even a lesson. Corporate blogs are crucial for boosting indexing in search engines. They are also used for marketing tasks: building brand trust, disclosing your product's value to customers, explaining quality. Your own hub of useful SEO articles - unique content that most likely none of your competitors have mastered yet. This means your business will be first.

Only useful content

Communicate with the audience in their language - publish texts in all site languages at once. Initially, three languages are available in the panel: Uzbek, English, Russian. For each, you can select individual settings: • cover • unique text • date • seo-characteristics timer • delayed posting

New type of banners

Banners are a key element for attracting visitors' attention. They are incredibly useful for promotional campaigns, notifications, countdowns, and announcements. Therefore, we have redesigned them for the maximum convenience of our users: • included the main statistics of each in the general list • divided by type for desktop and mobile versions • enabled the ability to create video banners • configured automatic banner disabling by timer • and returning it to publication from the archive in two clicks • also, now you can place advertisements from other stores on your project. Our basic tariff allows you to publish up to 12 images on the main page. They can be clickable, set by deferred method, and have SEO settings

Own robots.txt and sitemap

robots.txt is a navigator for the search engine robot, which tells it which sections of the site can be visited and which cannot. If there is no robots.txt on the platform, the robots wander around it as they please. In the previous version of OX, such a file could be inserted into the general code and only work for the main pages of the online store. This created inconveniences - product cards became outdated but published - that is, duplicates appeared. Now you can generate robots.txt yourself in two clicks - even without leaving the management dashboard. The file will be recognized by any search engine.

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