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With OX tools, customers will buy again and again

Reducing Customer Churn

With OX tools, customers will buy again and again

Increasing Repeat Purchases

Increase average check by attracting customers

Increasing Average Check

Attract new customers with OX solutions

Customer Acquisition

Digitize each customer

Digitization of Customers

Manage your own branded app
Features POS

Increase Loyalty

Use all the functionality to achieve high KPI results and make shopping in your store even more comfortable.

Promotion Builder

Gift Certificates

Check Coupons

RFM Analysis (Customer Segmentation)

Auto Triggers

Mass SMS and Telegram Bot Mailings


Set of Recommendations

Perfect Solution for Any B2C Business

Retail Sales

Beauty Salons

SPA Centers

Gas Stations

Auto Services

Pet Stores

Grocery Stores

Health and Fitness

Clothing and Footwear

Home Goods





Mini Kiosks

Food Trucks

Scan customers via QR code
With OX, you can quickly calculate bonuses and cashback for your customers
Send 'smart' mailings to your customers


Better Understand Your Customers
All Checks Are Available in One Application
Detailed Analytics
Pay More Attention to Customers and Reward the Most Active Ones
Establish Complete Communication with Your Audience

Detailed analytics on the marketplace on the phone
Pay more attention to customers

SaaS plans

monthly payment

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