Maximum Control over Your Inventory
Three simple steps to create a product:
Manual Entry

Manual Entry

Excel Upload

Excel Upload

Selection from Database

Selection from Database

Addition and CreationAddition and Creation
Manage additional receipt expenses with easeAdd your additional receipt expenses such as delivery, customs clearance, taxes, and others using the field constructor to track the statuses of additional receipt data. Manage expenses for additional options and keep mutual settlements. The cost of additional expenses is automatically distributed among receipt items, allowing you to determine the cost of each of your products.
Manage additional receipt expenses with ease
Accounting for debts and payment directly from receiptThe system automatically generates debts to the supplier and for additional receipt expenses. Keep track of debts and pay them directly from the receipt, ensuring transparency and control over financial transactions.
Accounting for debts and payment directly from receipt
Receipt of goods through inventoryReceive goods through inventory and compare received goods with expected and actual quantities. The inventory system will automatically adjust the stock balance based on the actual quantity, ensuring data accuracy and timeliness.
Receipt of goods through inventory

Inventory Management

Track inventory levels from all locations in one place

In one interface, you can: change product information, carry out withdrawals or additional receipts of goods, double-click to upload product images. You can also print product labels or download inventory in Excel format. The product card will have access to the entire history of changes in the quantity of goods.


Ingredients are important for the technical card. They are automatically withdrawn when selling or producing goods.


Does your business provide services that can be measured in hours, minutes, or as a percentage of the check amount? Now you can easily create and sell these services both offline and online.

Products with a Technical CardProducts with a Technical Card

The technical card plays a key role for enterprises involved in the production of goods, such as perfumery, furniture manufacturing, floristry, and other similar industries.

Optimizing Supplier Interactions
Accounting and Sales with RFID: Accuracy and Efficiency
Transfer OrderTransfer Order

You can grant access to your employees to view the warehouse status and create orders for the transfer of goods. After placing an order, the warehouse manager will receive a notification of a new request via SMS, email, or Telegram bot.

Sending for TransferSending for Transfer

The warehouse manager can arrange the transfer of goods using a barcode scanner or manual data entry. When using RFID technology, scanning can be done in one motion. Then a waybill is generated, which can be printed or downloaded.

Receiving TransfersReceiving Transfers

If it is necessary to match the transferred goods with the actual inventory, goods can be received using a barcode scanner, manual entry, or RFID scanner. At the end of the process, only the actually scanned products will be counted in the location's inventory.

Stock Inventory

Product Revaluation

Want to change the selling price?

Use the product revaluation feature where you can set a new price by changing the rate or markup. You can also upload an Excel file with barcodes and new selling prices. Revaluation can be done at all locations or only selected ones. If you need to change the price of only a few products, simply find the product in the Product List section and double-click to change the selling price.

Product Correction
Weighted Products
Products with Expiry Dates

SaaS plans

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